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Link to Liberapay profile, since I wrote a nice recap in there.

Welcome to NiLuJe's repository :)

You'll find here, among a bunch of extremely outdated stuff (just look at the history of pretty much anything here, it's scary), whatever I'm currently working on that's not already on GitHub or BitBucket ;).

Currently, that mostly means all my MobileRead/Kindle & Kobo related stuff :) (c.f., my Liberapay profile for a quick recap).

Also of a modicum of interest may be my Portage Overlay.

All this stuff is available through a SVN repo, which you can access via the Browse Source link, and anonymous read only access at (Web & Dav).

Please note that you will have to register in order to be able to create or modify wiki pages & tickets here, and that currently, you won't ever get any mail from Trac, since I haven't brought my mailserver back up yet ;).

Also, be aware that most of the older stuff is in French, so, good luck with that ;D.

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