NiLuJe's AMX Mod X Builds Benchmark

These tests were run on a Linux 2.6(.25.4) x86_64 (So there's the x86 Linux/CPU compat layer involved here) Kernel, AMD Athlon X2 4600+ (@2519MHz, 2 X 512KB L2 Cache) CPU, 1GB Ram Box, without X running.

'Official' builds refers to the AMX Mod X 1.8.1 r3711 binaries available at AMX Mod X and MetaMod 1.19p32.

'NiLuJe' builds refers to AMX Mod X 1.8.1 r3722 and MetaMod 1.19p32 binaries compiled by me, using my script and the 'cool' optimization option, and the 'native' arch, with GCC 4.3.1. (Gentoo p1.0), on this same box.

The tests were run three times, using the Benchmark suite provided by BAILOPAN.

The output is shown as the total time in Milliseconds needed to run the test, so, lower is better ;)



More Details

If you really want to hurt your brain, the full benchmark report is available as an ODS calc sheet here. It contains every different benchmark run, with every different set of CFLAGS used, so it's pretty boring, you've been warned…

As you can see in this sheet, results pretty much vary depending on the stars' alignment, so this whole thing may not be 100% accurate… :D

Public builds should more or less follow the same patterns of performance enhancement, but YMMV… (That is if they even *run* on your box xD)

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